Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scrappin' Sunday

I just finished not one but three new layouts...yay! I was inspired by the new goodies I got from Sweet Shoppe Designs (here) on Friday for 40% off. Score! Everything is on sale for 20% on Sunday though so you can still get in on the action. After seeing The Blindside on Saturday night I sat here at my little desk, scrapping away, cocoa in hand and all-in-all despite having to work on a Saturday it was a good day. The Blindside by the way is a-may-zing! It warmed even my cold football-hating heart. Anyhow, here are my layouts:

A fun girly page with sister and my sweet Jewel.

Above is page one (left side) of my Apple Hill layout.

And page 2. Speaking of fall, it's finally looking like fall here in Southern California. Yesterday we had quite the downpour and nearly all the trees have yellowed. Now if it could just snow for Christmas! ;)

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