Thursday, November 19, 2009

To be honest I have no idea what theme I was going for with my design post today. Feminine? Vintage? A touch of whimsy? All I know is that rooms like this make me dream of one day having a lovely renovated country house full of vintage wonderful-ness. I especially love the unique wall feature in the above picture--so unique.
As a teenager I would have died to have had this room! Though technically this is supposed to be a master bedroom it is very feminine and soft. The kelly green rug does give a nice break from the pastels.

One day I will have a refrigerator like this one. End of story. Oh, and throw in the sink too while you're at it.

I love most the candlesticks collected on the mantle, reflecting in the mirror.

Don't you adore the way the brick wall makes an impromptu bed frame? I also adore the contrast between the lacy white bedding and the coarse red brick wall.

Ok, so what if the flowers are what I like most about this picture? The sink too. However I am opposed to all tile flooring.

I love pretty much everything about this room from the gorgeous wrought iron above the bed to the chandelier to the banged up vanity. Pure loveliness.
Well that was a great mini-vacation into dreamland in the midst of finals. If I have to write one more paper I think I will scream!
(all images from Country Living magazine)

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