Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Crafts!

So I'm back after a brief unplanned break; I wish I had a great story to tell as an excuse but I don't. When I think of Christmas one of the things I think about is crafting. Whether by yourself or with the kids, crafts are a fun way to celebrate the season and make memories you will have for years. I so fondly remember all the Christmas crafts I made in school and with my Grandma. Recently my sisters (one in elementary school and one in high school) and I began a holiday tradition. We take a day in December and make cookies, do a craft, watch a Christmas movie, and just hang out. Anyhow, the following is little collection of Christmas crafts from all over the net. I can't wait to try some of these!

An adorable and creative advent calendar in miniature. The cuteness is almost unbearable! #1 HERE

A memorable and beautiful take on the classic wreath. It would also be fun to spruce this project up using old colored Christmas photos or even embellishing with scrapbooking supplies like ribbon and glitter. #11 HERE

Snowmen that double as gift fun. HERE

There's something so timeless and fun about these ornaments. HERE

And my personal favorite is this gorgeous little home that could be used in a village or strung up for use as an ornament. Lovely. HERE

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