Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the Garden

I am possibly the worst blog-updater in the history of the internet; but on a positive note, I've developed an obsession-er-interest in gardening and my lack of internet use has definitely given more time to plant. It is truly ridiculous how happy it makes me to grow things. I come home from work or school and I'm excited to weed and dead head. Pretty sure that is not normal 20-year-old behavior but then again I am pretty much 80 years old at heart. :) Here are some of the fruits of my labor:

How can you not love the color and carefree beauty of these Guardian Delphiniums?

And here we have the whimsical white blossoms of a Delphinium hybrida

This young Hollyhock has begun putting out beautiful full blooms in a lovely pink.

Here, the tall stalks of Foxglove are doing their best to hide the ugly sprinkler equipment. To the left is Moonstone rose and to the right is Aromatherapy rose which I'm happy to report have almost completely recovered from black spot. In the middle is Friesland Sage. In the forefront we have Lobelia and Allysum sandwiched in by some Nasturtium. Finally I got a red Nasturtium to seed! Last year the seeds were all orange.

And a close up of the Foxglove. Unfortunately, I disturbed two dragonflies who were having a nice little date while taking these pictures! Lol.

One of my favorite roses, Princess Diana. This is one of the most fragrant I've ever smelled. I rescued this baby from Home Depot for just $6!!!

The sunny blooms of a Dahlia. Seriously, how can you not be happy looking at this?

And finally we have this Dahlia which was cultivated for the benefit of the Susan G. Komen foundation; a great way to combine gardening and good deeds. These have already tripled in size since I bought them in early April.

*Sigh* Time to do some homework. I wanted to post pictures of my Memorial Day project but my camera died. Yesterday I dug out 3 ugly shrubs and replaced them with some new roses. I chose Geoff Hamilton, Abraham Darby, Eden, and an unmarked one that may be Pope John Paul. It was brutal work because I had to some serious amending to the sandy soil after removing the shrubs. But I'm very pleased and it was all worth it; my back, however, begs to differ at this moment in time. :)

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